Malaysian Power

Hi Everyone, lately I’ve been writing too much about the outside athlete except one, for the Supermokh post.Today, I would like to write about the sports scene in my own country,Malaysia. Here in Malaysia, the sports scene is quite good. From the national football team, the Olympic team, boxing, swimming, hockey and many more. As I am being born at the 90’s, I know quite about the previous sports scene in Malaysia. I know that Malaysia football team once ago draws with the North London side Arsenal during the Tony Adams era. See, I’m a real Gooners am i?

 The first person I would like to talk about in this domestic sports scene is the one that most of us might totally forget about her. The name is Mumtaz Jaafar.  Mumtaz Jaafar and was born on June 30, 1962, the name Mumtaz is very familiar in sports arenas nationwide. She who comes from Nilai​​, Negeri Sembilan,  become the best female athletes ever produced by Malaysia. At the 80’s, Mumtaz has represented the country compete in the sprint at the international level.

Next in line, another best runner Malaysia ever produced, Watson Nyambek. Watson Nyambek born the in the Iban family  and originated from Miri, Sarawak was born on February 27, 1976 has got his secondary education at SMKS. Columba, Miri. Armed with a height of 1.70 meters (5 feet 7 inches) impenetrable and passion to pursue athletics, Watson has emerged as one of the respected national sprinter.

Being nicknamed “The Flying Dayak”, the 100 meters is his expertise and has received guidance from coaches and former national sprinter, Mayor Mumtaz Jaafar when preparing the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur.

Lastly, if you ever remember his name, Rabuan Pit. Athletics champion named Rabuan Pit was born on 26 April 1956 in the village of Freshwater, Merlimau, Malacca has shown interest in sports since school days. He is interested in a variety of sports and he initially interested in football.

Additionally, Rabuan also showed his talent in the field of athletics. Then, in 1975 Rabuan joined the police service as a recruit at the Police Training Centre (PULAPOL) JalanGurney, Kuala Lumpur and at the Police Training School Forest in Ulu Kinta, Perak. After completed the training, he served in the Police Field Force Battalion-6 and try luck at Championship Central Brigade for 100 meters with a time of 11.05 seconds and the long jump with a distance of 6:34 meters successfully recorded by him. The record augurs well for the Rabuan to engage seriously in the field of athletics

Sources : Google Image, Mumtaz Jaafar autobiography, Rabuan pit autobiography, Watson Nyambek autobiography


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