The BLADE Runner

Usually, when we speak about athletic sports like, 100 meter, 400 meter, everyone will talk about the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, or Yohan Blake, who currently hold the title the second fastest man on earth. Have you ever heard of this guy name Oscar Pistorious?

By the way, on this post I would like to highlight on the sport that less people know about, the Paralympic. Paralympic is the sport event held for the disable people to gather around and take part in the sports event like the Olympic but in a different way where every participant is special and disabled.

If in normal Olympic, we are most likely to talk about Usain Bolt, or Michael Phelps, or perhaps Lin Dan, or maybe Yohan Blake as the name that we know. But in Paralympic, name like Oscar Pistorius is a name that we should never take it lightly. Even though he’s in Paralympic, do not ever look down as he is amputated both leg. Oscar Pistorius take part in 200 meter, 400 meter and 100 meter as well. Oscar Pistorius also hold some of the record in the sporting event.

But who is this guy Oscar Pistorius? Pistorius was born in Johannesburg as the son of Henke and Sheila Pistorius. Pistorius lost his legs at the early age of 11 months old due to a natural disease during his born, Fibular Hemimelia, a congenital absence of the fibula.

At his early age, Pistorius went for many sports like Rugby, wrestling, water polo and also tennis. After a serious injury while playing rugby, Pistorius was introduce to running in 2004. But it is difficult for man to run without his leg. But then, Pistorius was introduced to a running blade that attached to his leg to suit the sport. Since that, Pistorius gain his nickname as the Blade runner.

For the record, Pistorius had joined the 2008 Paralympic after his attempt to join the Olympic in the same year was a failure. In the 400 metres race, he took second place in the first heat of five runners, finishing with a time of 45.44 seconds as his best time of the season so far to advancing to the semifinals on 5 August. He ran in the second semifinal, where he finished eighth and last with a time of 46.54 seconds.

In 2012, the 2012 Summer Paralympics, Pistorius create a new world record in his 200 meters competition. He also won the gold medal on n 4 x 100 relay team. On 8 September, the last full day of competition, Pistorius won gold in the T44 400 metres with a time of 46.68 seconds, breaking the Paralympic record.


Sources : Youtube, Google Images, Oscar Pistorius Autobiography


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