Doctor Who Rides

In motorsports, we usually know that multiple winning championship like Michael Schumacher, Casey Stoner, Lorris Capirossi , Mika Heikinen and many more. Behind every name that mentioned, remember among them, there he stand, The Doctor, Valention Rossi.

Valentino Rossi was born in Urbino, Italy, on February 16th, 1979, to Graziano and Stefania Rossi. He grew up about a half hour away in Tavullia, and due to his father’s profession as a motorcycle racer, Rossi was riding dirtbikes around his back yard by the age of three. Rossi started racing go-karts, and in 1990 he won a regional title. Rossi won his first world title at the age of 18, and has been making history ever since.

The “Doctor,” Valentino Rossi, has a new challenge in 2011. After 7 years and 4 world championships with the Yamaha team, Rossi will now begin a new chapter in his legendary career. Rossi will be riding a Ducati this year in an attempt to accumulate his 10th (8th in the premier class) World Championship.

Rossi claimed his first World Championship victory in 1997 with Aprilia. Since that first World title, Rossi has never finished a season off the podium. He was even able to find the podium last year, after breaking his leg and missing four rounds in the middle of the season. Rossi’s place in the history books is already reserved, but it’s not yet written. The Doctor still has a lot of riding left to do.Valentino Rossi has gained worldwide fame due to his 9 world titles, but so has his Yamaha M1 motorcycle. Rossi rode to four of his 7 premier titles with the help of the Fiat Yamaha team and his M1 motorcycle. Rossi gave a sad goodbye to the Yamaha team and his M1 motorcycle, but is ready to start a new chapter in his career with Ducati in 2011.

Rossi has always had some of the most creative helmets on the grid.

Hands on Head (and a canine tribute)

This helmet features Rossi’s gloved hands gripping his head in, what I am assuming is pure amazement at his own track prowess.  On the back of the helmet, his two bulldogs are featured in a similar pose.

A Little Celebration

Rossi sported this birthday cake helmet on his 29th birthday in 2008.  Valentino celebrated the event at triple digit speeds in Jerez, Spain.


Lest we think that funny animals are the only things that grace Rossi’s helmets, take a look at one of the other interests in the MotoGP champion’s life – beautiful women.  This helmet is far from the only time the fairer sex has graced Valentino’s head.

The Most Famous Lid

Even the most casual MotoGP fan has seen the Rossi Face helmet.  It may be overexposed, but it’s still great.  It’s another example of Rossi’s self-deprecating sense of humor.

When you’ve been racing as long as Rossi has, you’re going to see some crashes. Amazingly, Rossi had 230 consecutive starts before the crash at Mugello forced him from the grid.

sources : Google Images, Youtube, Valentino Rossi


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