MVP : Lebron ‘KING’ James

 Hye guys!! Somehow, in this post i just want to write about National Basketball Association or NBA. For long time ago, we just know about Michael Jordan, Carmelo Antinio, Shaquille O’neil and many more. In NBA, Miami Heat, LA Lakers and Boston Celtic, which are the team that famous long time ago with skillful player. For the elite athlete, the brass ring of immortality aka a professional sports championship often dangles just beyond his grasp. The longer he goes without one, the more the public focuses on what he hasn’t accomplished instead of what he has. LeBron James knows all about this cruel irony. Is he the next Michael Jordan as many think? Only time will tell but he is just 23 years old and he is already a terrific player.For eight frustrating seasons, he was the NBA’s king without a crown. Finally, in year nine, LeBron put the championship stamp on an otherwise unprecedented career and became an official part of the “basketball’s greatest-ever” debate. This is his story…

Born in December 30, 1984 LeBron James is most dangerous dunkers in NBA history alongside Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul Jabar and you name it. LeBron or “King LeBron” use to play in the top rank basketball team such as the Cleveland Cavaliers. At height of 6 ft 8, LeBron use to power play his position at the Small Forward position. LeBron given the number of 23 in the Cavaliers until he move to another rival team, the Miami heat which used to have such a big stars like Shaquille O’Neal and many more. In Heat, LeBron wear the jersey number 6 as his new number for the club.

With Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron polish up his careers from the year of 2003 until 2007, 7 years of success and failure trailed him from behind. But mostly, with the Cavaliers, LeBron won the the first title at his debut in NBA as rookies as 2003–04 NBA Rookie of the Year.  In 2004- 05 LeBron was name as the youngest man to join the All-NBA Team .

As his sweet dream continue, the most unforgettable moment come in when LeBron James win the gold medal with his teammate at Olympic London 2012 when team USA beat the Spain team with him recorded  in which he had 19 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists to topple the 107–100 victory against Spain.

Speaking of endorsement, LeBron attracted quite a number of big names in the industry such as Nike. With Nike, LeBron endorsement worth more than $90 Million USD until today. LeBron featured in Nike promotional advertisement is countless. For example, the advertisement of LeBron James in Chamber Of Fear.

Speaking of investment , in 2011, LeBron James became an investor in Liverpool last April as part of a marketing arrangement with Henry’s Fenway Sports Group, which also owns MLB’s Boston Red Sox and 50% of Nascar’s Roush Fenway Racing.

Source : Youtube, Google Images, NBA Lebron James




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