Who are the Legends All-Time Arsenal Legends XI?

Hello!! This is a band all about Arsenal’s legends,now i don’t mean the current players i mean yesterdays players,the players who set the foundations for the club today the players who set the bar an the standard for todays players. Some legends we all know an we all see the likes of Bergkamp,wright,adams an the rest of the famous back 5 we all remember them some legends you might not know or you know of but just to young to remember them or to of ever seen them play,the likes of pat rice our current number 2 to Arsene Wenger, Cliff Basten who is our 3rd all time top goal scorer,ted drake the late greats Alan ball an rocky rocastle.Whether you knew or remember or ever see any of the legends play it dont matter because this band is here for them an so you can remember them.

As one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football, Arsenal have had their share of legends and wonderful players over the years.With a run in the top flight that is approaching a century without interruption, the club must have had some pretty good players over many eras to deliver that incredible consistency, and Gunners fans sometimes struggle to rank all the best athletes in club history.The toughest question: If you could pick from all the club’s best players in their primes, who would you take to construct a single starting XI?

I will give you my answer here. Leave any disputes in the comments, as I will be glad to see them.

1) Goalkeeper: David Seaman

Arsenal’s greatest goalkeeper in their history was a unique man and one of the greatest ‘keeping talents of his era. With a ponytail and later a lovable gut, Seaman reached the peak of his career during a 13-year stretch at Arsenal that saw him win three league championships and four FA Cups from 1990 to 2003.He established a reputation for being a penalty-saving specialist, and he had a penchant for pulling off incredible saves, even as his mobility decreased later in his career.

2) Right Back: Pat Rice

Pat Rice has been an icon and a fixture at Arsenal for almost a half a century due to his incomparable talent on the right wing and later as a fiery assistant to Arsene Wenger.

3) Center-Back: Martin Keown

One of the greatest man-markers of his generation, Keown blended a superb knowledge of the game with brute force and strength to become a fantastic all-around defender.

4) Center-Back: Tony Adams

Adams cemented himself as one of the greatest leaders the game has ever seen, and he is the only player in English football history ever to captain his team to a title in three decades.

Adams was not a technically gifted player at all but would give anything his body would let him to support the cause, and he would grab his men by the neck in order to convey a message. His position was so unique that the likes of Keown could only compete for a place beside him, not for his actual position.

5) Left-Back: Ashley Cole

As much as Arsenal fans love to hate him, most still grudgingly acknowledge that he was a world-class left back when he played for the club.Cole had (and still has, to a certain degree) a rare blend of natural attacking instinct and defending discipline. Tremendous pace allowed him to race up and down the pitch, and his skill at every facet of the game made him a weapon anywhere, any time.

It was when he linked up with  Thierry Henry and Robert Pires on the left side of Arsenal’s attack that the Gunners were at their most devastating, and Cole locked down the left side of several defences before he left for Chelsea under acrimonious circumstances.

6) Central Midfielder: Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira was one of those rare players who had it all . His size and strength meant that he could put in a crunching tackle and intimidate the opposition, while his incredible technique and footballing mind allowed him to be Arsenal’s chief midfield architect.

7) Central Midfielder: Liam Brady

I was tempted to slot in Cesc Fabregas here, but, on the whole, Liam Brady probably did more at Arsenal, considering the relatively unsophisticated times in which he played and the influence which he exerted on the club.

Such was the nature of Liam Brady’s incredible talent and the degree to which he was beloved among Arsenal fans of the 1970s that his transfer to Juventusbrought brought about almost universal depression.

8) Right Winger: Freddie Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg was one of the weirdest, most unlikely and most exciting players of the Arsene Wenger era. Ljungberg’s best season was probably the 2002 double campaign, in which he scored 17 total goals and was so clutch during the run-in that he earned himself the Player of the Year award.

He would go on to establish himself as one of the most vital pieces of Arsenal’s attack during the “Invincibles” campaign of 2003-04, rarely disappointing in his creativity of finishing.

9) Left Winger: Robert Pires

Despite a slow start to life in England, Robert Pires grew into one of Arsene Wenger’s best signings and a crucial member of Arsenal’s most successful teams.He certainly had an abundance of pace, but he did not need to rely upon it, for his technique was impeccable, and he could both place a pinpoint pass and score truly amazing goals 

Without Pires, the Arsenal engine could not run with nearly the same beauty and efficiency that it did with him. Forming the crucial link between Ashley Cole and Thierry Henry, much of the attacking beauty that characterized the last Gunners team to win anything came through Pires.

10) Striker: Dennis Bergkamp

He was the archetypal No. 10, playing just behind Thierry Henry to create chances for the Frenchman and support the attack. Without Bergkamp, the awesome counterattacking style that Arsenal played a decade ago would not have flowed with the same beauty.

Even as he aged, the Dutchman was still a critical member of the squad, and without much running, he could use his marvelous footballing brain to pick apart defences at will. And for a man who never scored tap ins or easy strikes to rack up 120 goals is an incredible feat.

11) Striker: Thierry Henry

Who else but the club’s best ever player to lead the line of the club’s best side ever?Time after time, Henry used his blistering pace and superb skill to slice open defences by himself and coolly slot home the finish. Henry was the one-man counterattack, and he could do even more incredible things when set up by his teammates. And even after all these years away, Henry’s recent loan spell proves that he still has that legendary class.

“They may be gone from our pitch but they will never leave our hearts or our memories”

Sources : Google Images,http://www.arsenal.com, Youtube


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