Hye guys, we meet again. In this post, i think want to write something that seldom we know it. something in rare. Jai alai? what is actually jai alai. Let me introduced to you guys about Jai Alai


Jai alai originated in the Basque region of Spain some 400 years ago. Today Jai Alai is played in Spain, Cuba, South America, Mexico, Philipine, Italy and even in the United States, primarily in Florida. The first court was made in 1748 and  more than 300 have built since.


 Jai Alai is typically played up to a score limits of 7 with the points being scored when  the opposing team fails to return to the serving team. The return must be one swift motion with the player catching the pelota and throwing it back in one fluid movement. if the pelota is held too long the return can  be considered void.

The court

Known as the fronton , the Jai Alai court is 180 feet long by 35 feet wide by 35 feet high. It is comprised of 3 walls, the side back and front. The side wall is split into 3 Parts and is the used primarily in play


In order to play Jai Alai the player must have some equipment. The most important piece is the cesta, meaning basket in English. The cesta is attached to the players arm ans is used to catch the ball, referred to as the pelota.  The Pelota is the hardest ball in all of sport being tougher than a rock. A helmet must also be worn to protect the player head as the pelota can go up to 200 miles per hour.

The Cesta

Example of a fully equipped Jai Alai player

The game of Jai Alai in action

source: Youtube, google image, jai alai profile


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